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Water Replacement Concept (Extremely important)

Handouts (Free for Download)

The Veterinary Practice Considerations

IMPORTANT: Several Pages Detailing "The Twenty Steps" to resolving a fish / pond health crisis

Seminar Evaluation

Pondemonium 2016 Wetlab Page by Page Handout

Pondemonium 2016 Basics Page by Page Handout

IMPORTANT: Master Checklist

IMPORTANT: Biological / Environmental Assessment for laypeople

Fish Sale Waiver

Aquatic Vendor Waiver

Fishcare Checklist (For your shop or your collection when you're out of town)

Disease Vectors (So you know whether someone's fish did or didn't get a parasite from your boots, a fish you sold them or a rock you built into the pond)

PowerPoints (Content Embedded)

Pondemonium 2016 Wetlab With Videos etc.

Pondemonium 2016 Basics with Images etc.