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Beware Profithost Lifetime Hosting Scam Review

Profithost has been a huge disappointment and the point is pretty much moot now that the company has rolled up the carpet and absconded with the money they collected from their Profithost subscribers. Sold by Mike McKay and JVZoo through their affiliates such as Warriorplus, the Profithost service was supposed to be an unlimited hosting account with a one time sign up. They had a $16 offering and then... read more

Searching Google for RFID Pet Chip Codes Free

Google can find Pet RFID Chips once they're registered at For free, you can register your pet's chip or tattoo, and in a week, Google will return whatever information you enter when someone searches your pet's chip. If you ever thought it would be great for RFID's to be searchable in Google without drilling down into a proprietary web site like Home Again –  this is... read more

Searching RFID Chips Online is a new web site that allows the public to register their pet's RFID 'chips' online in such a way as to allow Google to show the pet's origins and owners simply by entering the RFID Chip code into the database. The site backs up daily and is presented to the search engines weekly for better ranking. Searching for pet chip ID codes online has been an expense in the past but... read more And Microscope Training And Microscope Training Over at there are about ten pages that take you through how to use a microscope. The detail is great, and the author is good at educating a non-technical person. Frank Prince-Iles wrote these tutorials probably 19 years ago. Not much has changed, but the articles were updated with some newer microscope parts.  You learn about the parts of the microscope,... read more

Treating Infections and Ulcers in Koi and Goldfish

Treating Infections and Ulcers in Koi and Goldfish Besides discovering and correcting environmental problems with the situation, attacking bacterial infections in Koi and Goldfish is a large undertaking. Especially if the infection is impacting the ability of the fish to breathe: The GILLS.  The facilities can be very large as in the case of ponds. In fact, so large you can't actually HOLD the fish... read more

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